Tea Time With Cyn – Eggs In Folk Magic

Photo by Kate Remmer on Unsplash

Did you know the egg is a symbol of fertility and protection?

Over the centuries, people have been using eggs from healing sickness to divinary work.

Here are some ways in which eggs were used in magic:

  • Rubbing an egg clockwise on a womans belly who is trying to convince will enhance fertility. She would then bury the egg in the back uard and water it every day to symbolize growth.
  • Rolling an egg in a certain motion from your head to your feet could determine if there has been negative spells against you. The person would crack the egg into a clear glass of water and look for shapes and symbols for divinary purposes.
  • Cracking an egg into a clear jar or glass of water and placed by the door can absorb and determine if there is negativity.
  • Dreaming of eggs denotes good luck in all endeavors, but dream of a broken egg means otherwise.
  • In Santeria, powdered egg shell is used for protection and wards off evil. The powder is also used to create sigils for ritual work.
  • Placing a bowl of water with an egg in it under you bed helps banish nightmares and it clears your aura and the energy of your room while you sleep. Dispose of the egg after a couple days and replace with a new one!
  • Visualize yourself inside an egg shell throughout the day for protection.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about eggs!

I’m hungry now! Time for breakfast!

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